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Title: Briefly Catching a Glimpse of Heaven...
Genre: Romance
Pairing: YunJae 
Lenght: Two/?
Summary: Jaejoong needs to accept his consequence from losing. Yunho can't stand seeing it.


No one can get out...Collapse )
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02 March 2010 @ 10:01 pm
hi everyone! I've have some capital OSM icons but i forgot where/whom I've got it. And even though i really want to use them nao, well I'm not really that kind of person who using icons without crediting them. If it's familiar to you, do you mind helping me? :D thank you so much >.<

here are the icons:


thank you! n_n
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09 June 2009 @ 09:40 pm

Title: My sassy boy, Jae-joong
Genre: Comedy, Fluff, Drama, Romance
Pairing: YunJae and slight Yoosu
Lenght: Chaptered (mini serie)
Summary: How to turn "hate" to "love" and how "enemies" turned to "lovers".
A/N:  so here it is!:) a short preview then be posting again soon..dang you know how school is pulling
our time x.x albeit there's a lot of writers who's busy right now keke.. back to school! the more we feel High School stories n_n

Preview for Chapter 1:

It did'nt even lasted in five seconds...Collapse )
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05 June 2009 @ 09:51 pm

Im Freakin happy about My favorite KPOP GROUP!!!SHINee!!!8D o yeah!
They won!!and they shed tears! I too DD: OMG after all those issues They DESERVE to WIN!!!

I hear JONGHYUN sobs clearly and ONEW was CRYING while SAYING THANK YOU speech OMGGGGG!!!!!!!

esp ONEW!!!!!

I thank GOD my eyes didnt failed me to see the famous ONEW SANGTAE!!!!n_n
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