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East is where my heart destined to...

because east is where i can find you...

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♥♥♥tofuvanillajen--is a girl who:

{keudaewa naui donghwa}♥{a flowerpot at your small window who,from time to time, has receive your smiles and touch and one watches your sleeping face endlessly}{時をかける少女}{koizora}

Leaped through time. Loves music.
Can’t live without style.
Wants a tattoo. Is devoted to her fandom.
Is a Yunjae Baby. Worships Lee Chaerin’s Closet.
Worships Yaoi. Enjoys life. Seeks adventure.
Looks forward to see who’s on the other end of her red string.
Loves surprises. Hates haters.

♥♥I am… A Loveholic. A ninja.
A Star Girl. An eyeliner ambassador.
A writer. A person. A student. A friend.
A daughter. An otaku. A Pink Ranger.

Shawol. Cassiopeia. Yunjae Baby.
S<3ne. Playgrilz. Blackjack. 4nia. Elf. VIP.
Oneday. Perf(x)ionist.Kamilia.
High Skool. Primadonna. Anjellic. ♥♥♥

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